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this is a religious experience

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Nunca notar compensar te do volante no 49



Most Expensive Car in Britain
The beautiful car, a 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa, was previously owned by a businessman named Eric Heerema, and was sold to to Derbyshire dealer Tom Hartley Jr. The 1957 Ferrari which was described as one the best in the world, has now become the most expensive car in Britain, sold at the price of £24 million, which means aprox. $40 million.
The car, known as Chassis 0704, was designed by Sergio Scaglietti, the legendary Ferrari pioneer, and until his death at the age of 91, it was one of his favourite models.
Pictures of the most expensive car in Britain

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Lancia Stratos “Alitalia” by Reivax Autos on Flickr.